Crystal Lamp

Decoration crystallamp@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 149
Size 3x3
Tax First introduction
Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h
(ended 5 June 2013)

Now Buildings icon coins 300 /7h

Second introduction
Was Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h
Now Buildings icon coins300/7h
(Ended 5 November 2013)

Third introduction
Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h
Now Buildings icon coins500/7h
(Ended 17 March 2014)

Requires Level 5
Build Time 12h
Max 2 + 4 = 6
XP Gain Buildings icon xp ~
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 15


First Introduction

The Crystal Lamp decoration is a crystal producer.  It was on sale from 27 March to 2 April, 2013.

Modals makeAWish@2x

Second Introduction

The Crystal Lamp was re-introduced during the Luminious Mini-Treasures promotion during July 2013.

Modals space luminousMiniTreasures@2x

Note : This timer counts down to 17 September 2013 00:00:00 PDT


Task / Reward / Notes

The Crystal Wish!

Goal icon crystals@2x

Level 5 to 29

Build 1 Crystal Lamp

Buildings icon premium 15

Buildings icon premium 149
and takes 12h to complete

For players of level 30 and higher the challenge The Crystal Wish! starts with buying a Crystal Wish, whereas for players of level 5 to 29 the first step is to buy a Crystal Lamp followed by the second step to buy a first Crystal Wish.

Economic Analysis

  • The earning per day per square is : Buildings icon premium .38
  • The Crystal Lamp will give Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h for a limited time until 6 June 2013 (65 days + 5 days for the sale period). This means that if you pick up 3 per day, it will return 210 crystals for a cost of Buildings icon premium 134 (net after the 15 crystal discount). This is a return of 56%.


  • Total crystals needed to purchase all crystal producers for this promotion is Buildings icon premium 1414.  Total cost after rebate:
    • Buildings icon premium 1322 for levels 5-29
    • Buildings icon premium 1337 for levels 30 and up
  • Even though crystal production was set to end on 16 September 2013, it continued until 5 November 2013

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