Crystal Heart

Decoration crystalgeneratorheart1@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium 200
Size 3x3
Tax Was Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h
Now Buildings icon coins/7h
(Ended 5 November 2013)
Requires Level 4
Build Time 8h
Max 3
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 0
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 10


The Crystal Heart was introduced on February 13, 2013 together with the Crystal Valentine.

Modals crystalGeneratorHearts@2x

Note : This timer counts down to 14 June 2013 16:00:00 PDT


Task / Reward / Notes

The Road to My Heart

Goal icon crystalHeart@2x

Level 5 to 29

Build 1 Crystal Heart

Buildings icon premium 20

Buildings icon premium 200
and takes 10h to complete

For players of level 30 and higher the challenge The Road to My Heart starts with buying a Crystal Valentine, whereas for players of level 5 to 29 the first step is to buy a Crystal Heart followed by the second step to buy a first Crystal Valentine.

Economic Analysis

  • The Crystal Heart will give Buildings icon premium 1 / 7h for a limited time until 14 June 2012 (4 months = 120 days). This means that if you pick up 3 per day, it will return 360 crystals for a cost of 200 (or 180 net after the 20 crystal discount for the first Crystal Heart for players up to level 30). This is a return of 80%.
  • The production is comparable to the Crystal Waterfall.


  • Even though crystal production was set to end on 14 July 2013, it continued until 5 November 2013

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