Crystal Bank

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Cost Buildings icon premium 99
Size 4x4
Tax Buildings icon premium 1 / 18h
Requires Level 4
Build Time 24h
Max 10
XP Gain 0
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 50

1st Phase

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When the advertisements for the Crystal Bank first showed up, there was some confusion because the ad said that the return was Buildings icon premium 1 every 12 hours. Shortly thereafter, TinyCo changed the ads to reflect the current tax of Buildings icon premium 1 every 18 hours.

Limit 5 per village. Available for those who upgrade to Version 1.9 only.

  • Start = 4 March 2012
  • End = 6 March 2012

2nd Phase

Modals crystalBank v3@2x

You asked for it and now it's back. Get the Crystal Bank now and start earning crystals every day. Already bought one? Great! We've increased the purchase limit to 10 for this weekend only, so hurry up and get more for just 99 Crystals each!

Limit changed to 10 per village

  • Start = 28 April 2012
  • End = 30 April 2012

3rd Phase

Modals crystalComeback@2x

During Local Heroes Theme, the Crystal Bank made a comeback together with the Crystal Tree and the Crystal Store.

The three combined were part of the Crystal Trio Challenge.

  • Start = May 28, 2012
  • End = May 30, 2012 (6PM PDT)


  • This was the first decoration to generate crystals as tax
  • IMG 1129
    The Crystal Bank has long been a favourite of players

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