Introduction: Here is a page where villagers can share their design ideas for future enhancements of TinyVillage. 

Hopefully TinyCO might see your design and be inspired to use it. By posting here, it is assumed you are OK with that. Or maybe you just want to share a cool design idea, or give the spark of a design concept so our many graphic artists can experiment with how your idea would look!

Example 1: New Dino-Egg Designs

Got a design idea for a new dino egg? Add your graph or sketch here. 

Have an image you would love to see in the shape of an egg?

Just post your raw image here, as a comment and I will happily convert it to egg shape so we can see how it looks.

Origami Egg OrigamiEgg
Psychedelic Egg PsychedelicEgg
Moebius Egg MobiusEgg
Your egg could go here! ?

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