Tiny Social - Cannot visit this player - partial printscreen warning screen

Unable To Visit!

Tiny Village is available for players using iOS and Android devices. There are different programmes for three distinguished platforms:

  • iOS (from Apple; e.g. iPad, iPhone, iPod)
  • Android (from Google Play for Android tablets and phones)
  • Amazon Android (from Amazon for Kindle)

There is a different pace to publish new Versions for these platform.

As soon as you update your Version your friends that have not the same Version will no longer be able to visit you.

When you try to tip someone that has updated to a higher Version than you have, you will see the warning screen displayed above. You can not tip your friend.

What to do

You have a lower Version

When you have a lower Version you can consider upgrading, if that is possible. Please consult the Version or detailed version page first, to see whether there are any problems that would cause your play to suffer (see, for example, Version 1.13 where Amazon Android players had/have some specific issues with Expansions and the Scrollable goal list).

When you upgrade you can tip your friends again and by receiving the tip you show you are back in the Reputation business.

You have a higher Version

For players that have updated with friends that have not. Please visit the Version page or the specific Version pages (e.g. Version 1.12, Version 1.13 etc.).See whether there is a difference in Versions between the platforms. If there is a difference in Versions, your friend most likely uses a different platform than you and can not update.

Please be patient, as soon as your friend can update he or she will most likely do so and return your tips. In the mean time you still can tip your friend and the tips will arrive.

Decoration stonebugdroid thumbnail@2x Most of the time Android players are the last to get the latest Version. Some Android players show their platform by including the Emerald Bug-droid in their village

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