HUD halloweenbooster@2x

Halloween Booster

This is a promotion to buy 'booster packs' where villagers who buy a pack get a unique decoration or dino

  • Start = 30 October 2013
  • End = 5 Novemeber 2013

with a challenge to collect them all.

Make sure the challenge exists to obtain the reward

Modal boosterpack halloweenBoosters2013@2x

Note : This timer counts down to 5 November 2013 18:00:00 PST
Featured halloweenbooster action@2x


Package/Cost Dino Crystals Statue Habitat
Terror- $34.99 Dragóndedoscabezas baby@2x
Dragón de Dos Cabezas
Buildings icon premium750 Icons boosterpack halloweenboosterpack2@2x Icons boosterpack emrerald desertDreamland@2x
Horror- $14.99 Dinosaur oviraptor bingo thumbnail@2x
Buildings icon premium220 Icons boosterpack halloweenboosterpack3@2x BoosterPack icons jollyJungle@2x
Creepy- $6.99 Dinosaur pterodactyl bingo thumbnail v2@2x
Buildings icon premium75 Icons boosterpack halloweenboosterpack1@2x Icons boosterpack playfulplateau@2x


The Dragón de Dos Cabezas was released via the terror booster pack.

Dragón de Dos Cabezas
Dragóndedoscabezas baby@2x
Cost Buildings icon premium589
Biome Icon trait contextMenu desert tier3@2x Volcano Biome


Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost

Gold Horseman

Decoration halloweenboosterpack2 thumbnail@2x

3x3 Buildings icon coins 483 / 9h Buildings icon premium 129 Level 4 ~ 5s 0 Buildings icon premium 1

Painted Horseman

Decoration halloweenboosterpack3 thumbnail@2x

3x3 Buildings icon coins 272 / 6h Buildings icon premium 109 Level 4 ~ 5s 0 Buildings icon premium 1

Stone Horseman

Decoration halloweenboosterpack1 thumbnail@2x

3x3 Buildings icon coins 288 / 7h Buildings icon premium 99 Level 4 ~ 5s 0 Buildings icon premium 1

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