Holiday Booster Pack

It is a promotion for player when reaching a specific Level > 1 and < 4 and for Android (Amazon) exclusively.
  • Start = December 25, 2012
  • End = On Going
Modals BoosterPack starterBoosterPack@2x
Featured starterBooster@2x


Was $11.99 Now For $4.99 Only


The decorations below can be obtain from buying the respective Pack

Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost
Decoration windmill v2 thumbnail@2x

Buildings icon coins 40 / 5h

+1 House Slot

Buildings icon premium 20 Level 2 ~ 15s 0 Buildings icon premium 1
Decoration garden thumbnail@2x

Buildings icon coins 50 / 8h

+1 House Slot

Buildings icon premium 15 Level 2 ~ 1s Buildings icon xp 2000 Buildings icon premium 3
Epic Totem
Decorations epic totempole thumbnail@2x

Buildings icon coins 75 / 6h

+1 House Slot

Buildings icon premium 30 Level 2 ~ 1s 0 Buildings icon premium 4

Note : The decorations are all different with the already existing same design and same name decorations. Please check each detail decoration article for more information


  • No Challenges
  • Exclusive only for Android (Amazon)
  • The decorations are different with the already existing decoration.
  • It is assume that this holiday booster only for Holiday period.

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