• Charliety11

    my villaeg

    August 14, 2016 by Charliety11
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  • Titan Rules

    I must admight i love this game but i have lost a base i spen $70 on.

    The base i lost is Halo99900 check it out but i have emailed TinySupport from 2013 (when i lost it) to now.

    The reason i lost it because i reset my phone and i did not have my base.

    I reset my phone because it had a Virus.

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  • Johaley


    June 16, 2015 by Johaley

    Hi! Is anyone still around? Just checking :)

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  • ThunderRealm

    Village Update 3

    December 19, 2014 by ThunderRealm

    22 hours later I have received no response from TinyCo.  I'm hoping they haven't completely let go of support.

    Feels like I'm blogging to myself haha.

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  • ThunderRealm

    Village update 2

    December 18, 2014 by ThunderRealm

    I haven't played since Update 1, and I just redownloaded the game.  Turns out, I lost my village because I have a different device.  I sent a ticket to Tiny Co asking to help me get it back, because apparently all you need is your old Tiny ID and your new one.  We'll see if this works out.

    Looks like this wiki is dead.  More dead than it was a year ago, if possible.

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  • Mellaiwt


    Days ago, my nexus 7 upgrade from kitkat to lollipop automatically via wifi. The lollipop grade success and run well.

    But, my tiny village never run well from that time. It crash everytime.

    I tried to uninstall Tiny village & reinstall it. It still doesn't work.

    Will there anyone help?

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  • Mishkin888

    I believe I am getting to be done with this game … It was a good ride, I should admit!

    But I also have to admit that their Randomization/Probability system of Dino Fusion has been proven to have become extremely horrible.

    I do believe that it was really not a bad idea when the game was at its earlier phase with only ~30 Dinos in the list -- to make it randomized and based on the probability of each Dino based on how ‘heavy’ each dino is valued in their system (more rare vs. less rare)

    But with when the total number of Dinos is about 100… this system becomes very annoying and irritating.

    I am one of the ‘more advanced’ players who is using the MF ability, and yet I am to spend ~ a couple of days if I am willing to get a most rare or a newest Din…

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  • DinoBreath

    One billion coins

    March 10, 2014 by DinoBreath

    Well, I finally reached a goal I set for myself - I now have over one billion coins in my village.  (That's a 1 followed by 9 zeroes; some countries define a billion as 1 followed by 12 zeroes.  I don't think I will live long enough to get that many coins.)  I doubt I am the first. 

    Now, what to do with it?  Another expansion would be nice, but I don't think it's going to happen any time soon.  And no, I'm not going to try to tip it away.  I wouldn't have any fingers left.

    Another goal I have set for myself is to get one of each kind of dino.  At the rate they keep adding new dinos, I'm not sure there will be enough space in my village for enough dino habitats to hold them.

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    This wiki used to be triving, but now seems to be barely maintained? I recognize that people want to have personal lives and not be tied down to updating a wiki ... but i've offered support several times and haven't received any response. There seems as if there is enough interest that a team could keep things up to date without burdening a few.

    For example, in order to track my own dinos, i've created an maintained an excel file, but am having trouble because even new dinos aren't being entered or take a long time.

    I don't have the ego that just because i offered support, I have to be an administrator, or the like.

    Please don't take this post as criticism.  Thiswiki used to be such a great resource, I hate watching it deteriorate.

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  • Maineguy12000

    I've been getting some unusual random hatches.  I've been trying to get a Giant Sloth, which I've been unable to get.  I have gotting quite a lot of rarer dinos.  Some of the dinos I have randomly hatched are:

    Yellow Archaeopteryx

    2 Rainbow Dilophosaurus




    All only have one egg in the dino den.

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  • ThunderRealm

    Village Update 1

    January 3, 2014 by ThunderRealm

    Village Update #1

    I've reached level 29 in 2 months with about 60 Coffee Shops built for free and around the same number of Venus Fly Traps which is around 120k gold income per day. But now the XP gain is so low that I am switching to Salad Shops. I have one built already and 4 more are being constructed as I type. I will need more Farms and Villagers though to keep up with the expensive food costs in the Salad Shops. I will work on replacing all my Coffee Shops with Salad Shops.

    Thanks for reading and watch out for my next Village Update :)

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    (Skip below if you want to get to the point faster)

    After StormKorg’s blog and discussion about money making, my wheels started spinning.
    Coins have ceased to be interesting for me since about level 30 … I’m currently level 37, but that isn’t my point. (Part of my slow progression is because I play this game with my son and we have an agreement that I cannot pass him and must hide below the car’s window if we drive by any of his friends ;- )
    So, I’ve had to occupy my brain with other stuff – Dinos! For me, my collection of dinos have made coins irrelevant – I just arrived at 50m coins and don’t know what to do with them.
    A very nice dog avatar gave me sage advice early on that there is a point in everyone’s game where coins become irrelevant a…

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  • ThunderRealm

    Hey guys, welcome to my money making guide for all levels.

    I recently started playing this game again after losing my village months ago. So when I started back I decided I would only buy Venus Fly Traps, filling my village with these. It's very simple and after a while you will be rolling in the coins like crazy.

    Feel free to swing by my village at StormKorg to keep up with my progress :)

    First, you're going to want to save up for that first Venus Fly Trap, if you're a low level player like level 10 and below, it'll take a while but it will be worth it when you're through with this guide. Then, after you've bought that first Venus Fly Trap, you're going to immediately save up for a second one.

    Continue doing this until you have 50 Venus Fly T…

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  • Willstone

    Wikia is useless

    November 22, 2013 by Willstone

    I think it's time to tell you my opinion about this tinyvillage wikia. I think it is completly useless. Only a few people are using it, only for their own sake. Some people are changing excisting page row after row just to earn some credits. And most of the time, people tell the results of THE FUSION, without saying howmuch crystals they have used or what level the dino's were or without telling how much tries they have used. And everybody say thanks for this nonsense information, because nobody understands the meaning of random....... But for the important things like the weekly challenges you have to search this wikia, and somewhere in an outside corner there you can find a little bit information. Or when you cannot open the game, and yo…

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  • Johaley

    I have an older Mac...os x 10.4. With our iPhones and iPads we really never use the computer. I play on tiny village on iPad. However, I recently figured out that I could add other users fusion reports in VISUAL mode from the home comp. today I went to enter some fusion reports but as the edit screen pops up, it goes blank (white). This happened on several other village wiki pages. I am writing this post from my iPad because the blog page went white too. Any thoughts? This is probably due to the computer being old but I don't know what changed on the wiki. I could post replies on the fusion page.

    Any thoughts (besides a new comp! Lol)

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    Please pardon me if you are from TinyCo and I’m just having a moment – I do enjoy this game.


    So, I’m a little grouchy today and feel the need for a minor rant ;- )

    So, what’s with all the ghosts? It can’t be that hard to come up with a new dino – of course the development time for a rainbow, recolored, or ghosted dino is probably more than recoloring or ghosting them …. Humph!

    How about a Lego Dino? Or a Darth Vader dino – hey, that isn’t a bad idea. That way the Yoda, Obi Wan, and Darth Vador ghosts can follow him around! HA!

    Btw, with all these ghosts, I’d really like an Elephant Graveyard environment that gives bonuses to ghosts. That would be worth spending crystals on. (YES, I did end a sentence with a preposition – THAT’S the kind of mom…

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  • Cal62

    Neglecting my tiny village

    October 6, 2013 by Cal62

    It's been about two months since I've any attention to my village, and they seem to be doing very well without my intervention. It is not because I'm bored of it, it because I have started a new job and there is no time to play. By the time I get home and do tea etc. my poor little village gets forgotten. I wish there was a way one could find a carer to look after my village for me. If anyone wants the job for no money, no holidays, no pension rights and no traveling expenses please reply.

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  • Kiran Renx

    Feature Requests Page

    September 6, 2013 by Kiran Renx

    I have an idea about improvement of Feature Requests page.

    My idea is to change "edit to vote up" to yes/no polls.

    Also I think we should clean the table of implemented/deleted ideas

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    Time for a new belt

    September 5, 2013 by Chloe.zaroli

    Well, I finally made it – 70x70!

    I decided to put more effort into expanding my village instead of buying stores and climbing levels; so, here I am in level 34.

    I like the approach that I took because it’s given me the room to organize my village and fill in the gaps as I progressed, instead of finding spots for purchases and having everything higgledy-piggledy (IMO – no offense intended).

    Also, I’m much more interested in collecting Dinos than stores – should be obvious, since I only keep about a dozen stores in my village. I really haven’t found that this has kept me from progressing. I’ve tried to balance my resources to my stores and choose stores that maximize their returns … and look nice ;- )

    I was lucky because my arrival coincided wit…

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    I was drooling over the storage sale and noticed that some of the prices were reversed.

    ·        Giant Warehouse: Was 219, Now 319
    ·        Crystal Storehouse: Was 179, Now 229
    ·        Golden Storehouse: Was 119, Now 149

    I don't whether this would be corrected during the purchase, but who wants to take the chance. (fwiw, i reported the issue to tinyco)

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    'ya know how the general feeling is that if you buy a random egg and its value is 10 (or simply different from the standard), that you'll get a tier 1+ dino? my son just got a giant sloth from a random egg that had the standard duration and hurry cost - cool for him.

    (i know that it isn't a guideline or rule ... but who knew?)

    what's funny (to me) is we commonly play egg roulette - we'll buy an egg and if it isn’t and odd hurry cost, we put the hatchery into inventory (dump the egg), and try again. My personal process is that i’ll give it five attempts.

    Well, i was collecting coins for him and bought his egg. I dumped a bunch of them and decided to leave fifth one to hatch, as is my habit ... and THAT one was the giant sloth (undercover).


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  • Cal62

    Download bugs

    July 30, 2013 by Cal62

    Any body else having problems when trying to open tiny village I keep on getting a notice saying "did not download all needed files" it's doing my head in. at the moment android is ok iOS is playing up but it does affect both. Grrrrr!

    I tried posting this in various places but here was the only place it worked.

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    To whom it may concern:

    Our village recently experienced a minor uprising … of sorts. The villagers; who never seem to take coffee breaks, vacations, and sick days; threatened to move to another village if I did not do something about the air quality – it seems that the stores were emitting fumes and smog.

    I researched different methods to resolve this issue and decided that they were all too expensive.

    In order to appease my villagers, and therefore prevent their emancipation, I decided to move our stores to the edge of town; thereby sending our waste over the border. That seemed satisfactory and everyone has gone back to work.

    If you find that you air quality has suffered because of my decision, please leave a short description of the issue …

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  • MustiGC

    Crystal Timekeeper:

    Investment: 2x249 crystals = 498

    Start building: 03-Jul-2013 8:00AM CET/UTC+2

    End building: 03-Jul-2013 8:00PM CET/UTC+2

    2nd one:

    Start building: 04-Jul-2013 09:00AM CET/UTC+2

    End building: 04-Jul-2013 09:00PM CET/UTC+2


    Build Bonus: 23+ 30 crystals

    Crystal collection (till Sep-15):

    July:  402 crystals / 477 possible

    01-Aug-2013 : 18

    02-Aug-2013 : 12

    03-Aug-2013 : 18

    04-Aug-2013 : 12

    05-Aug-2013 : 18

    06-Aug-2013 : 12

    07-Aug-2013 : 18

    08-Aug-2013 : 12

    09-Aug-2013 : 18

    10-Aug-2013 : 12

    11-Aug-2013 : 12

    12-Aug-2013 : 18

    13-Aug-2013 : 12

    14-Aug-2013 : 18

    15-Aug-2013 : 18

    16-Aug-2013 : 12

    17-Aug-2013 : 12

    18-Aug-2013 : 12

    19-Aug-2013 : 18

    20-Jul-2013 : 12

    21-Jul-2013 : 18

    22-Jul-2013 : 18

    23-Jul-2013 : 1…

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  • Oioiaussie

    Then try Jurassic Park Builder - free from the App Store.

    Just unreal graphics.

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  • Chloe.zaroli

    Tiny support

    July 20, 2013 by Chloe.zaroli

    I have a question for the general community:

    Background: I tried to take advantage of a promotion in June where if I purchased a pile of crystals, I'd receive 100 more free. So I made the purchase but never received the crystals.

    I submitted a request with documentation to tiny support but haven't even had my request assigned to someone to resolve.

    Question: - Does it typically take this long to have an issue resolved? - Is there a way to escalate my request ... Or is this simply "par for the course?"

    Side comment: I'm not really bent out of shape over this. I'm a bit frustrated because there hasn't been any communication or apparent progress.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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  • MissT732

    We have all asked for it: MORE SPACE! Our hopes were crushed last year when TinyCo announced on FB that there would be no expansions due to game instability. Its been so long that many of us had forgotten how crowded our villages were getting.  So much so that when the expansions secretly appeared this weekend, villagers were asking is there something wrong?  How come I can expand for FREE????  

    So happy was I with my new space that I decided to share with everyone what I did wth it!  First of all, I brought out a  few more habitats to accommodate for all these new repainted dinos and dragons that keep appearing!  It was getting really tight, overcrowding was becoming a HUGE issue in my village.

    Mount dinomore came out to occupy my top left …

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  • Rumsy4

    Turned the Big 7-0

    July 9, 2013 by Rumsy4

    Reached level 70 today!! I have been playing this game for about a year now, and it has been a lot of fun and a great time-waster (not mutually exclusive). :-) I have been taking it slow jumping from 69 to 70, as that would mean finishing all the regular game content. Currently I am building the Pheonix Temple, and doing the final upgrade of my Magic Rock. After everything is complete, I will probably slow down my overall pace.

    I might step up work on my dino collection, although it is so unpredictable! I may try re-decorating my village a couple of times. I think I will continue running my stores to accumulate XP and coins in case they do decide to add more levels in the future (seems doubtful, though!). Maybe they will at least add some m…

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  • Zamphyr

    Turning 70

    June 27, 2013 by Zamphyr

    I've been meaning to write for a while now. I'm now a day away from level 70. A day away from starting the completion of the phoenix challenge and from starting the top pyramid. I've known for close to 2 months that I would be reaching 70 by the end of June. As mentioned in other blogs, money isn't a problem once the apple stores, the bistro and the scooter stores come into the picture. It also doesn't hurt that there's nothing really to spend millions on at this level. I'm now earning roughly $7M/day.

    I took Ranjitinoz's advice and bought many scooter stores when I turned 46. Being me, I decided not to go whole hog, so I limited myself to one when I could afford it, then later, one a day at most. By the time that well went dry, I had 28 sc…

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  • Tinyvillageplayer

    Dino Feeding

    June 22, 2013 by Tinyvillageplayer

    I have recently been feeding all my dinos except fodder everyday and it uses about 30k coins. Is it worth it to feed all my dinos (except fodder of course since I'm leaning toward the dino collecting side.

    Please post suggestions! 


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  • Chloe.zaroli

    Flying Mammoth

    June 18, 2013 by Chloe.zaroli

    I just fused the coolest dino ever!

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  • Fabiopiau

    Level 70!

    June 13, 2013 by Fabiopiau

    Finally LEVEL 70! Just need to update my rock and finish some missons! But i did!

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  • MustiGC

    Crystal Timekeeper:

    Investment: 4x299 crystals = 1196

    Start building: 07-Jun-2013 2:30AM CET/UTC+2

    End building: 07-Jun-2013 2:30PM CET/UTC+2

    (E: 1x 09-Jun 2PM - 10-Jun 2AM)


    Build Bonus: 23+ 30 crystals

    Crystal collection (till Jan-07):

    June: 344 crystals / 368 possible (E: 66/84, no bonus)

    July: 488 crystals / 496 possible (E: 66/124)

    01-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    02-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    03-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    04-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    05-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    06-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    07-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:2)

    08-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    09-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:2)

    10-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    11-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    12-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    13-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:4)

    14-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:2)

    15-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:2)

    16-Aug-2013 : 16 (E:2)


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  • Tinyvillageplayer

    When should I put away all my resource producers and just become a market based village. I'm currently at level 33 and the most resources a store i have would require is 4000 fruit. What should I do?

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  • Oioiaussie

    It's taken days and days but my village is finally finished! Yay!!

    Given I have 21.4 billion XP, most of the stores have come down and only the ones that I think look good will stay.

    My wedding theme is up and there's a little path to go down to the church after going through the arbour. After the ceremony, we're into the wedding tent for our celebrations!

    The dino dens are lit up with literally dozens of tiki torches to ensure villagers don't stray too near these ferocious animals. I still don't trust that Magic Rock!

    And finally, a huge play area and garden in the south east welcomes villagers and visitors alike to share the peace of my village.

    I've pretty much stopped playing for coin and XP and just wanted to make something look nice. T…

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  • Tinyvillageplayer

    I've only collected 17 dinos out of the total of 61 so far. Should I fuse the ones I don't have duplicates of, because I'm started to run out of habitats to put them in. I have room for 4 more habitats and room in other habitats so, I have about room for 10 more dinos. What should I do? 

    For reference of my dino collection: User:Tinyvillageplayer#Dino Album.C2.A0

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  • Mutsje

    LEVEL 70

    May 21, 2013 by Mutsje


    I made it. Now only need to upgrade my magic rock (3 more days) and building the Phoenix temple. And then finally I can make my village prettier and reduce my number of scooter stores.


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  • Switty

    So of course, the very first time I decide to take a break from TV for a couple months, an absolutely awesome and profitable dino is released (the Sky Dragon)!  Sheeeeesh!  Anyways, I would really really REALLY like to acquire this dino.  Heck, if it was still available in the store, I'd purchase it for 500+ crystals or whatever the cost was, marking the first time I had spent my hard earned crystals on something other than storage!  Sadly it appears that at this time the only method of getting one is through fusion.  From looking at the Sky Dragon page, others have fused it, but it has taken as many as 400+ tries!  Here is my question:  Is there a method similar to something like hurry hatch, where i can try through trial and error to fus…

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  • Rossval91


    May 13, 2013 by Rossval91

    Retiring from TV, well certainly have given it a lot of thought. I do not foresee any more expansions of land, and do not foresee any more levels added above level 70. It has been a great run so far. Over the past few days I have hit the final goals I had, 20 billion XP and 6 billion coin. So last months had decided that once I hit these goals I would leave the game.

    Well, maybe then I won't, just go to long recipes, shutter a lot of stores and keep collecting Dino's and crystals. Well that is what I will do with my main village. Yes with the main village, as I was getting to wind down my village, someone gave me an iPad mini for my birthday- so what did I do first, I downloaded the tiny village app, and started a new village. So while my …

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  • MustiGC

    Crystal Sphere:

    Investment: 4x209 crystals = 836

    Start building: 01-May-2013 9:00AM CET/UTC+2

    End building: 01-May-2013 9:00PM CET/UTC+2

    3rd one:

    Start building: 01-May-2013 9:00PM CET/UTC+2

    End building: 02-May-2013 9:00AM CET/UTC+2

    4th one:

    Start building: 07-May-2013 9:30AM CET/UTC+2

    End building: 07-May-2013 9:30PM CET/UTC+2


    Build Bonus: 23+ 30 crystals

    Crystal collection (till Aug-20):

    May : 338 crystals / 341 possible

    June : 348 crystals / 360 possible

    July: 364 crystals / 372 possible

    01-Aug-2013 : 16

    02-Aug-2013 : 12

    03-Aug-2013 : 16

    04-Aug-2013 : 12

    05-Aug-2013 : 16

    06-Aug-2013 : 12

    07-Aug-2013 : 16

    08-Aug-2013 : 12

    09-Aug-2013 : 12

    10-Aug-2013 : 12

    11-Aug-2013 : 12

    12-Aug-2013 : 12

    13-Aug-2013 : 12


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  • Soosieloo

    It's funny what one contemplates in the early hours of the morning whilst getting ready for the day.  Blurbs of data, blips of memories, burps of thought pass through the sleepy mind during the morning routines.  Day after day, month after month, year after year we go through our rituals of awakenings with not much thought.

    Coffee seems to short circuit the process, blasting away cobwebby remains of dreams and nightmares, giving the illusion of youth and energy.  As one gets older you bow to the wisdom of the elders who give tips and advice on health and rejuevenation.   That is why at 8 am I am looking at my grayish bowl of coagulated  cooked oats and eating it, though appetite is lacking like on most mornings.

    Oatmeal, the gooey slime of h…

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  • Kilonellexer

    Goal achieved: 10 phoephoenixesin 10 El Dorados.

    Next goal: 14 butterflies in 14 waterfalls.


    Goal achieved: 14 butterflies in 14 waterfalls.

    Next goal: Add 4 nemis to mounts and flower fields.


    Goal achieved: Add 4 nemis to mounts and flower fields.

    Next goal: Get 11 golden mansions to replace the orange ones.


    Goal achieved: Get 11 gold mansions to replace the orange ones.

    Next goal: get 4 more phoenixes.


    Goal achieved: get 4 more phoenixes. (stay at level 7)

    Next goal: get one ghost sloth and ghost patchy to complete The Ghoul Keeper dino album.


    Goal achieved: get one ghost sloth and ghost patchy to complete The Ghoul Keeper dino album.

    Next goal: none atm.


    Goal achieved: Accidently got a snow phoenix through fusion with kentro and…

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  • Soosieloo

    Just a quick note to add information to kindle users, info that I was unaware of and frankly am very disappointed in.  I couldn't for the life of me understand why my sister was able to get apps on her new kindle fire (Tribez, prehistoric park for ex) and I couldn't.  It seems that she has a 2nd generation which is more supported by developers.

    In fact, when I talked to a kindle rep they said it can only be fixed by buying a whole new kindle.  Now why on earth would I buy another kindle with every expectation in a year THAT will be obsolete and they will make us buy the newest version??

    Its only a year old and obsolete.    I can not believe that kindle would treat its customers that way.  

    I am saving my money to get an Ipad.  Totally tired o…

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  • Soosieloo

    I am grumpy this morning, and not going to apologize for it.   Just yelled at the kids to stay off my lawn, shaking my cane for good emphasis.  Aimed a kick for the cat, missed and landed on my backside.  Jumped up and grumbled at the spring flowers and sunshine.  How I loathe sunshinny mornings when I want to moan and groan, grumble and mumble, grimace and grinch.

    Grabbed some thick hot coffee, hoping an infusion of 'go juice' would brighten my day.  Plopped down on the couch, made myself comfy then headed for my kindle games.  Games which are supposed to take me away in pleasent nonsense, time wasters all, their only aim to be silly, fun and happy.

    Should have skipped TV. Long been getting on my nerves but I presevere.   Opening screens ar…

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  • MustiGC

    Crystal Wish:

    Investment: 2x279 crystals = 558

    Start building: 28-Mar-2013 1:20PM CET/UTC+1

    End building: 29-Mar-2013 1:20AM CET/UTC+1


    Build Bonus: 27+ 50 crystals

    Crystal collection (till Oct-29):

    March : 18 crystals / 18 possible

    April : 180 crystals / 180 possible

    May : 184 crystals / 186 possible

    June : 174 crystals / 180 possible

    July: 182 crystals / 186 possible

    01-Aug-2013 : 8

    02-Aug-2013 : 6

    03-Aug-2013 : 8

    04-Aug-2013 : 6

    05-Aug-2013 : 8

    06-Aug-2013 : 6

    07-Aug-2013 : 8

    08-Aug-2013 : 6

    09-Aug-2013 : 6

    10-Aug-2013 : 6

    11-Aug-2013 : 6

    12-Aug-2013 : 6

    13-Aug-2013 : 6

    14-Aug-2013 : 6

    15-Aug-2013 : 6

    16-Aug-2013 : 6

    17-Aug-2013 : 6

    18-Aug-2013 : 6

    19-Aug-2013 : 6

    20-Jul-2013 : 6

    21-Jul-2013 : 6

    22-Jul-2013 : 6


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  • Soosieloo

    I was taking a wander through my village, taking time to really look at my dino pens and the assorted critters playing within.  Taking a casual inventory count in my mind, looking for which beasties were needed still.   When I came upon the adorable animation of my baby love stego, my enjoyment of it was tainted a bit by a sense of ... I dont know... failure maybe?

    You see, it's my dirty secret I bought the furball. Or scaleball.. or whatever its coat is made up off.... heartball?   Now I don't mind or nay say anyone else that buys dinos, in fact I probably would if I had more crystals to burn.  Because of that financial aspect and because of a sheer orneriness I have only bought two dinos.   The love stego and one I can't remember.  It cam…

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  • Starangel148

    The last of the regular dinos that I need right now- barring TV adding anymore dinos this coming week.

    Step 1: Achieving Tier 2 Forest (check)

    Step 2: Achieving Tier 2 Desert (check)



    Step 3: Fusion- Tier 2 Forest + Tier 2 Desert (TBC 3/30)

    Step 4: Success!!

    And I have acquired all regular dinos. Now to start on the remaining ghost dinos.

    Update- 4/12

    Dino achieved! Was trying for Snow Leopard with Woolly + Tri combo... stumbled on the Incivisaurus. Guess I must find something else for the Snow Leopard now.

    Read more >
  • Acsivagyok

    After reinstalling the game I am not able to connect. I permanently get the ' Could not connect to server' message on the loading screen.

    I'm on Android, version1.17.

    Every other TinyCo games I have (Tiny Castle, Super Slots) are running fine.

    I tried uninstall/reinstall (again), connect via 3G / wifi, clear game chace, restart my phone. Nothing worked.

    If anyone has any ideas, tips, suggestions, possible workarounds, I would be very grateful. Thx.

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  • Soosieloo
        • Join more than 5 million fans in one of the top rated FREE games on Android! WEEKLY updates includes cool buildings and exotic dinos !***

          Raise dinosaurs, build valuable shops and complete amazing quests in your own prehistoric village! As you turn your tiny town into a bustling nation, upgrade your Magic Rock to unlock new buildings, dazzling decorations and the incredible Wonders of the World. Then show it off to the thriving Tiny Village community as you tip, share and make new friends!


    - Play for FREE forever - Free WEEKLY UPDATES: new dinos, new stores, new decorations - Hatch your very own DINOSAUR PETS - Fuse dinosaurs together to discover RARE SPECIES - Get unique shops, decorations that animate in your village - B…

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  • Maineguy12000

    4 dinos this month

    March 19, 2013 by Maineguy12000

    I've noticed there has already been 4 new dinos added this month and March isn't even over yet.  This is the most dinos they have added since October when they added all the ghost dinos with 2 or 3 per month typical.  Normally I'm not one to complain, but since 6 of the last 7 dinos are tier 3 (or 7 of 8 if you count the misspelled Unaysaurus/Unasysaurus), and that fact that I'm only able to fuse 2 new tier 3 dinos a month means that I will not be able to get caught up on getting all the dinos.

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