2nd Wave

HUD icon bingo v2@2x

Lucky Bingo returned with the subtitle "New and Improved". The prizes and grand prize changed and you could only play 1 Bingo per day.

Phases for Apple and Android.

  • Start : 3 May 2012
  • End: 8 May 2012

see Tiny Village Facebook Announcement post.


New for this wave

Sticker venusflytrap@2x Sticker purplefern@2x Sticker howlingcave@2x Sticker lovelyshrub@2x
Sticker magicrockflag@2x Sticker luckyflag@2x Sticker haybale@2x Sticker pinkstarflower@2x
Sticker sunflowerbronto@2x Sticker circusunicorn@2x Sticker rusticfarm@2x Sticker crystalstorehouse@2x
Sticker dimetrodon@2x Sticker mammoth@2x Sticker ankylosaurus@2x
Sticker bakery@2x Sticker bowlingstore@2x Sticker goldhouse@2x

Grand Prize

Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost
Candy Fairy
Decoration candyfairy thumbnail@2x
3x3 Buildings icon coins 575 / 8hrs Buildings icon premium 119 Level 4 ~ 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 24


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