1st Wave

HUD icon bingo@2x

The beginning of the Bingo that will become popular to all platform and villagers around the world. Phases for Apple User only.

  • Start : 6 April 2012
  • End: 12 April 2012

Common Prizes

Sticker coins@2x
Sticker crystals@2x
Sticker xp@2x
Sticker shrub@2x
Palm Tree
Sticker singlepalmtree@2x
Red Flower
Sticker redflowers@2x
Weeping Willow
Sticker weepingwillow@2x
Sticker stegosaurus1@2x
Rustic Chopper
Sticker rusticpalmtrees@2x

Uncommon Prizes

Coin + XP
Sticker coinsxp@2x
Sticker crystals@2x
Sticker stuffedanimals@2x
Stuffed Animals
Sticker toymaker@2x
Premium Sculpture
Sticker premiumsculptor@2x
Sticker snowman@2x
Sticker volcano@2x
Heart Rose Bush
Sticker heartrosebush@2x
Giant Topaz
Sticker gianttopaz@2x
Giant Diamond
Sticker giantdiamond@2x
Giant Aquamarine
Sticker giantaquamarine@2x
Treasure Pile
Sticker treasurepile@2x
Gold Meteor
Sticker mtr goldmeteor@2x
Jurrasic Quarry
Sticker dinorockpit2@2x
Rustic Pen
Sticker rusticmammothpen@2x
Dino Quarry
Sticker dinorockpit@2x

Rare Prizes

A Lot
Sticker crystals@2x
Friendly Forest
Sticker habitat2premium@2x
Sticker pterodactyl1@2x
Mini Golf
Sticker minigolf@2x
Art Gallery
Sticker artgallery@2x
Fancy Accessory
Sticker fancyaccessories@2x

Mystery Prizes

  • Playground Premium
  • Ice Saber Tooth
  • Love Stegosaurus
  • Lucky Mammoth

Grand Prize

Size Tax Cost Requires Max Build XP Gain Hurry Cost
Golden Dino Egg
Decoration goldendinoegg thumbnail@2x
3x3 Buildings icon coins 500 / 8h Buildings icon premium 99 Level 4 1 8h 0 Buildings icon premium 40

Tips and Tricks

This trick only worked for the first wave of Lucky Bingo. It has been confirmed that this trick did not work with the second wave Lucky Bingo.

  • Go into the game and play Bingo as usual, after that go to Tiny Social and select Community and visit a few people. Press Home or close Tiny Social and exit the game. Open the game again and the Bingo should be in there again. (thanks for ChrisCelica in comment and summary explanation by Bruce Hee in comment)
  • Where the above failed to work, repeat the trick, but before entering the game, go into your gadget's Applications settings, look at the Running Services section, select cached processes and delete/stop the Tiny Village cache.

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