written: sunday 28 august 2016

ok so i have made two tables, one for stores and one for decorations.

i posted the stores one here but i did not post the decorations one.

so i was reading everywhere;only get these decorations, the other ones are not good etc. and i was getting a bit of the same with stores but i wasn't quite sure so i made a table to find out

in my tables i did not put anything that costed diamonds (with exception of a few decorations), and i only added stores and decorations that i have so if there are other stores that you think should be in here then go ahead and edit them in.

the numbers in the brackets is the best recipe eg candy store (1) means rock candy recipe

this is just the first three;

per hour

store xp coins rank coins 4 bought resources
candy store (1) 7420 1100 1 30 per 100 resources
pterodactyl trainer (1) 5132 684 2 272 per 100 resources
florist (1) 3918 540 3 65 per 100 resources

per 100 resources

store xp coins rank

coins 4 bought resources

pterodactyl trainer (3) 5000 667 1 387 per 100 resources
furniture (3) 4454 636 2 346 per 100 resources
sculpture (3) 2431 347 3 172 per 100 resources

the salad shop is however the best out of all six of them.


decoration coins /square/hour rank
bright street lamp 83.33 1
round street lamp 66.67 2
firefly lamp 1 62.5 3
simple street lamp 50 4
venus flytrap 25 5
giant sapphire 25 5
shrub/rock formation 12 6
water fountain (large) 10 7

and everything else (that i have anyway) gives less than 10 coins per square per hour (the giant flytrap gives 333 xp per hour though)

i also have dinos and things like the prehistoria hotel

in my village;

  • town rock (level 4)
  • 19 candy stores (i get almost the whole hours worth in 3 mins) by day
  • 4 pterodactyl trainers
  • 5 furniture stores (by night)
  • 2 sculpture stores (by night)
  • and other stores to fill the space (by night)
  • about 25 venus fly traps
  • 24 weeping willows
  • dozens of shrubs
  • as many of the lamps mentioned above as possible (8)
  • 5 tree choppers
  • 5 lumber mills
  • 4 stone carvers
  • 5 rock quarries (for now)
  • 5 mammoth pens
  • 3 cloth weavers
  • 7 farms
  • and more


buy resources in hundreds (its cheaper)

sell resources in tens (you get more profit)

have the highest level houses as you can get but have as few as you can get so that you can have level one houses (the give the most profit. i do so in a way that i have exactly as many villagers as i need. \/ \/ \/ \/ \/ \/

IMG 5137

this way i am still getting reasonable profit from my houses.

as you can see, i was serious about all 19 of my candy stores...

in using the chart i managed to get rid of 14 tool stores alone along with

  1. 1 kitchenware store
  2. 1 light house store
  3. 1 sparkling gems store
  4. 16 supply stores (that occasionally come out of the inventory)
  5. 5 coffee shops
  6. 1 inks and paint store
  7. 3 clothing stores

(not to mention that i rarely used to have candy stores outside of the inventory!!!!!)

you can also see that i don't have much money but thats not because of my charts.

using the charts, i saved 400k in the hope of getting an arena constructor. i was going to do so yesterday but i didn't have enough tier (second, eg. timber, stone and woven fur) resources and 'coz i have run into that problem a bit lately, i bought one of each tier resource collector as well as a lot of decorations and a tuxedo store. also i have found that since i am using 912 of the food resource every 3 mins, i have to go to the market every 7 collections (with 19 candy stores and a storage of 6500 resources)


even though you are paying for some resources, every store gives you more money than you spent


so not every thing i said above goes for xp

store xp per 100 resources rank
pterodactyl trainer (3) 5000 1
teradactyl trainer (2) 4548 1.5
furniture (3) 4454 2
pterodactyl trainer (1) 4138 2.25
furniture (2) 3868 2.5
furniture (1) 3600 2.75
sculpture (3) 2431 3
nursery 2232 4
store xp per hour rank
nursery (1) 11,520 1
candy store (1) 7,420 2
pterodactyl trainer (1) 5,132 3
decoration size xp per hour xp /square/hour rank
windmill 3x3 4 166.7 463 1
giant fly trap 3x3 1 000 111.111 2
garden 5x5 500 20 3

you can also earn XP by completing challenges and by building things (NOTE!!: not every thing gets XP when you build it)

sorry if something is wrong or if i forgot something. im only human

i hope you found this helpful > <


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