Bamboo Habitat

A hungry panda's dream! Room for 3!

Habitat premium bamboofield v2@2x
Size 7x7
Cost Buildings icon premium 179 (nominal)
Requires Level > 4
Build Time 8h
Room for 3
Max ~
Coins Capacity Buildings icon coins 3500
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 1000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 10

Note: The actual price will be the cost to acquire this in Ninja Crates. This will vary for each player as it may take many turns at Buildings icon premium 39 each before this item is won. The final cost may be well in excess of the advertised value of Buildings icon premium 179.


Modals ninjaCrates v3@2x

Introduced in Ninja Crates (21 June 2013).


This habitat has no Biome data.


No dino has a preference for this habitat.

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