Below is a list of the original Avatars that you can choose as your profile picture, suitable with the prehistoric theme of Tiny Village.

There are also In-Game Characters with their cuteness and many ways to promote new feature or things in the Game.

The picture of avatar below can also be use in your profile page. Search for "avatar" when finding a photo.

Avatar village male1@2x Avatar village male2@2x Avatar village male3@2x Avatar village male4@2x Avatar village male5@2x
Avatar village male6@2x Avatar village male7@2x Avatar village female1@2x Avatar village female2@2x Avatar village female3@2x
Avatar village female4@2x Avatar village female5@2x Avatar village female6@2x Avatar village female7@2x
List of Rupert's List of Regina's
Rupert Rock Regina Ruby
Sean Shale Hillary Hornfels
Adrian Aplite Laurie Lodestone
Abhi Argilite Elizabeth Emerald
Aaron Axinite Tessie Topaz
John Jaspillite Jenny Jade
Scott Stone Patricia Pearl
Alex Albite Gina Granite
Sil Slate Cindy Claystone
Derek Diamond Mindy Marble
Damon Dolomite Vanya Vauxite
Ivan Ijolite Mary Malachite
Bo Basanite Cornelia Coral
Ted Taconite Nanami Hisui
Freddy Flint Julie Jasper
Many Mudstone Wendy Wassonite
Oscar Oolite Gwen Gypsum
Gregory Granulite Carly Carnelian
Bob Boxite Lyssa Levyne
Obsidian Prime Anastatia Amatista
Gary Garnet Fiona Trona
Bismarck Bismuth Sally Spinel
Billy Beryl Agatha Agate
Minas Gerais Delilah Delessite
Yuudai Suishou Cassandra Coltan
Zane Zinc Trini Turmalina
Gerald Greywacke Melanie Melanite
Xith Xonotlite Priska Pyrite
Fred Feldspar Cory Corundum
Shane Schorl Sandra Sapphire
Edgar Realgar Nancy Nitratine
Oswald Osmium Karen Kyanite
Omar Opal Zita Zircon
Jerry Jet Ayumu Zakuruishi
Icarus Sunstone Candice Quartz
Roberto Larimar Sylvain Saphir
Vinnie Variscite Maria Mondstein
Theodor Tigerauge
Percival Perle
Rainer Rubin
Amadeus Esmeraldo
Siegfried Smaragd
Shoopy Suevite

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