Apple Store

Shops applestore@2x

Cost Buildings icon coins 100000 Buildings icon food 7000 Buildings icon stone 1500 Buildings icon lumber 1500
Size 4x4
Build Time 48h
House Slot +1
Requires Level 38
Max ~
Notes Coins and XP from Resources (Buildings icon food)
XP Gain Buildings icon xp 200000
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 24


This is a Standard Store that can be bought from Level 38. It was introduced on 5 May 2012 as part of the Fruit Themes group which consists of:

This group of stores was initially promoted as having the highest reward and XP, but was quickly overtaken by the Comfortable Tableware and Triassic Transportation Themes groups.

Modals delciousRewards@2x


Time Resource Rewards XP Hurry Finish
Fried Apples
Buildings recipe friedapples@2x
45m Buildings icon food 500 Buildings icon coins 1,600 Buildings icon xp 13,560 Buildings icon premium 1
Apple Cake
Buildings recipe applecake@2x
4h 10m Buildings icon food 900 Buildings icon coins 3,500 Buildings icon xp 19,415 Buildings icon premium 2
Apple Pie
Buildings recipe applepie@2x
12h Buildings icon food 1,350 Buildings icon coins 5,845 Buildings icon xp 30,985 Buildings icon premium 6

Economic Analysis


The break-even point analysis is based upon Market Forecast data from October 1, 2012 to August 24, 2013. This period consists of 328 days. This number of days is used below to calculate the percentage days profit/loss.

Please be aware that a profit is made on days where market prices are lower than breakeven and vice-versa.

Breakeven Point and Estimated Profit/(Loss) Analysis

Fried Apples
Buildings recipe friedapples@2x
Apple Cake
Buildings recipe applecake@2x
Apple Pie
Buildings recipe applepie@2x
Breakeven Point Buildings icon coins 320 per 100 Buildings icon food Buildings icon coins 389 per 100 Buildings icon food Buildings icon coins 433 per 100 Buildings icon food
Reward Buildings icon coins 1600 Buildings icon coins 3500 Buildings icon coins 5845
Estimated Cost Buildings icon coins 424 Buildings icon coins 764 Buildings icon coins 1146
Buildings icon coins 1176 Buildings icon coins 2736 Buildings icon coins 4699
Days with



Buildings icon coins /h Buildings icon coins 2133 Buildings icon coins 840 Buildings icon coins 487
Buildings icon xp /h Buildings icon xp 18080 Buildings icon xp 4660 Buildings icon xp 2582
Profit/(Loss) /h Buildings icon coins 1568 Buildings icon coins 657 Buildings icon coins 392
Market Analysis Average cost of resources from
October 1, 2012 to August 24, 2013

Buildings icon coins 85 / 100 Buildings icon food

Return on Investment

  • The return on investment, based on the average cost of food, is 18.7% assuming:
    • 16 short recipes (Fried Apples) and
    • 1 medium recipe (Apple Cake) per day
  • This means the Apple store generates 21,700 Buildings icon coins in profits per day and will repay its investment in 5.3 days (assuming full cost of approx 116,000 Buildings icon coins, including both coins and resources).
  • Concurrently, it will generate 236,000 Buildings icon xp per day.

​Note: The average cost of Buildings icon food is just Buildings icon coins 85 per 100, so this is a very profitable store.

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Talk:Stores/@comment-Chanchiawei-20120508121231 ‎ (Created page with "so any opinions on the new apple store? im about to hit level 38 soon, not sure if its worth building them?")

Talk:Stores/@comment-Chanchiawei-20120512111738 ‎ (Created page with "sorry if im noob, but seems to me that the apple store returns are better? especially with the cost of stones.")


  • 17 August 2012: the House Slot was 0 now +1

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