Ancient Watertower

Decoration ancientwatertower@2x
Cost Buildings icon coins 2,000,000
Size 2x2
Tax Buildings icon coins 6000 / 7h

Buildings icon coins 1000 / 7h (Dazzling Bingo version)

Requires Level 58
Build Time 12h
Max 1
XP Gain ~
Hurry Cost Buildings icon premium 12


The Ancient Watertower can only be build after completion of step 4 of the The Plan challenge for Level 58, using both the Magic Temple Shop and Mystic Quartz Shop.

A second version of the Ancient Watertower was introduced in May 2013 during Dazzling Bingo. This version was obtainable from level 5 and only generated Buildings icon coins 1,000 / 7h.

Economy Analysis

  • The earning per day per square is : Buildings icon coins 5,143 (Buildings icon coins 857 for the one offered in Dazzling Bingo.


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