Game description from the Apple Store 17-May-2012:

Build a pre-historic village where you harvest resources, build homes and construct cool shops. Assign your villagers to work different jobs and use all 7 resources (Buildings icon rock, Buildings icon wood, Buildings icon food, Buildings icon fur, Buildings icon stone, Buildings icon lumber, Buildings icon wovenfur) to craft items like tools, clothes, candy and more. Upgrade the Magic Rock at the center of your town to unlock premium boosts, new buildings and decorations!

  • Play for FREE forever in this awesome city simulator!
  • Grow your village from a small settlement into a bustling nation!
  • Use the Market to trade and sell resources with other Tiny Village players. Invest in wood Buildings icon wood, rock Buildings icon rock, food Buildings icon food, and mammoth fur Buildings icon fur today - - sell lumber Buildings icon lumber, stone Buildings icon stone and woven fur Buildings icon wovenfur tomorrow!

PLEASE NOTE: An internet connection is required to play this game!

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